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of FinAPU


FinAPU Overview

Basic functions in FinAPU

See the search functions and the content of FinAPU

How to add an entity to the portfolio

With only a view clicks any entity can be added in the portfolio

Customize FinAPU

FinAPU can be adapted according to your needs

Create a Download

Any information can be downloaded from FinAPU

Rating & Workflow

Create a Rating

For each entity, a rating can be created in FinAPU

Start a Workflow

The workflow process is flexible and can be adapted to user needs

Risk Transfer

With the risk transfer function the same rating of mother or with a reduction can be taken over for the subsidiary

Data & Corporate Information

Create an Own Entity

Unless there is data in FinAPU own entities can be created in FinAPU

Do a Peer Group Comparison

on country-, industry- and rating level or select certain peers

Overview a Group

In FinAPU all associated group members are displayed and additionally filter functions available

Information Sheets FinAPU

Standard Functions FinAPU

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