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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment models in FinAPU allow you to perform fast and efficient risk assessments and easily analyse countries, companies and banks whether they are market-listed or not. FinAPUs flexibility allows it to adapt to your requirements with minimal effort. With just a few clicks you will be able to incorporate your point of view to get an optimal overview catered to your needs. FinAPU is able to integrate any type of data and model making it possible for you to implement your internal models cost-effectively. Having your data in an audit-proof environment is one of FinAPUs many advantages. You will be able to work efficiently and expeditiously on a daily basis.

Risk Monitoring

Not only evaluation but also monitoring plays a vital role in risk- and portfolio management. FinAPU will give you a precise overview due to its 360-degree monitoring and with the benefit of a variety of visualization options changing developments will be hard to miss. Set your own alarms and define a customized process once a warning signal has been triggered. Your unbeatable advantage: Meet all regulatory requirements and make your risk monitoring more efficient and effective.

Risk Analysis

Facilitate your work routine in risk management with detailed analyses at entity- and portfolio levels. Different tools enable you to examine individual sectors and fields in just a few seconds or make it easy to create peer group and industry comparisons. Results can be plotted graphically or in tabulated form customized to your needs with minimal effort.


FinAPU lets you control all risk-relevant processes usefully and conveniently on one platform. Instead of switching back and forth between individual systems, your daily work routine can completely be dealt with in FinAPU. Every process can be customized to your individual needs. Whether definition of procedures, positions or authorizations - the process can be adjusted to your personal requirements. Every process is audit-proof which means every workflow is recorded and the subsequent data archive will be available to you. FinAPU is your reliable assistant in risk and portfolio management. Not only will it help you keep an overview, it will also display your work steps transparently.


Perform complex queries quickly and efficiently. Within no time and at the push of a button, you can evaluate market and risk-relevant information. Reports on your portfolio performance, and simulations are available in addition to our risk analysis. Your reporting is extendable at will and will adapt to your demands and requirements. FinAPU is able to present large amounts of data more clearly and will help you merge and visualize them. It has never been so easy to create such extensive custom-built reports.

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